Spotlight Data

Spotlight Data provide containerised software to analyse huge amounts of unstructured and structured data. Our software analyses and extracts value from: office documents, SharePoint, files, Twitter, social media, databases, images, video and more. We provide cutting edge web interfaces to simplify data analysis and dashboards to visualise results across multiple data sources.


Text mining and data analysis

Our software uses the latest techniques in Natural Language Processing and deep learning to extract valuable information across huge document corpuses. Our data analysis and Natural Language Processing software is built in Docker containers, so can run in-house on desktops, server or across cloud services. As a research focused company, we continually invest and evolve our products as new technology becomes available.

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Advanced data analytics

Understanding organisational data

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Data is only useful if you can use it in some way. Data is everywhere, organisational processes, people and systems churn out masses of data that can be incredibly useful. Our role is to take data from these disparate systems and produce meaning that can be used by those who make decisions.

Improve communication and efficiency

Social Network Analysis

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An organisation is driven by it's people, they are responsible for success or failure. Yet, often there is a striking difference between how an organisation is structured on paper and how it actually runs. Social network analysis is used to visualise who communicates with who, it teases out the informal communications that happen everyday and importantly, identifies where information and knowledge resides. Our proven approach uses techniques, surveys and bespoke software, to uncover how information flows - resulting in information that can be used by managers and employees to improve communication and efficiency.

From systems data, to administrative data, to big data in the terabytes - we're open to dealing with data at all levels.