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A huge amount is simply disregarded or never used

Our aim is to make sense of data and provide meaningful insights. At this very moment, organisations are using our data to make complex decisions and surfers are deciding whether it worth heading out to their favourite surf spot. We won't just display your data, we'll work with you to understand what it is you're trying to achieve and build you solutions for that. As you can tell, our team has a wide range of experience and is passionate about data, we've worked across many sectors - from research through to management - and understanding data is always at the forefront of our work.

"Organisations and researchers have been churning out data for years - lots of this can be useful, but we know from our work it's often disregarded for a large number of reasons. We aim to change this and help make sense of data." Dr Tom Parsons

Properly understanding your data is important and potentially, rewarding.

The advent of 'big data' means that even more data can be produced at huge rates, a frightening statistic suggests that up to 85% of medical research data is never viewed or analysed again - you can imagine how much information and knowledge can be extracted from these data sets with a bit of effort. We aim to change this and help you to understand your data - and most importantly, how you can make the best use of it.

"From surveys, to systems data, to administrative data, to big data in the terabytes - we're open to dealing with data at all levels."

We've been working with data for many years across disciplines and can apply our skills to a wide range of data sets. We're not tied to a particular technology either, so we won't demand that you use a particular type of software, what we will do however, is make sure we work with you to choose the right analysis methods and technology for your particular case.

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