Email analytics

  • Completed :On Going
  • Tags:Big Data
  • Business
  • Email
  • Efficiency
  • Dashboard

Project Info:

Email can be considered as every organisation’s hidden 'big data'. Huge amounts of emails are sent and received on daily basis, some are valuable and others less so. We were challenged to understand email usage and take a look into what's really being sent. We built software to analyse hundreds of users emails and creating an email audit dashboard to visualise all this wealth of data. The results have been used to drive efficiency improvements and identify high-risk email behaviours.

Twitter Analytics

  • Completed :March 2014
  • Tags:Big Data
  • Real Time
  • Research
  • Social Network
  • Data mining

Project Info:

Analyse Tweets as they happen in real-time

Twitter is a great success story and a constant source of rich data. Everyday users contribute their opinions, discuss brands and share their experience with others. It's a vast store of public information that can provide valuable insight and awareness. As part of a University research project, we designed software to archive and analyse Tweets as they happen in real-time. The data is passed through a variety of analysis and including sentiment analysis, text mining and social network analysis before being visualised via a data dashboard.

Properly understanding your data is important and potentially, rewarding.

Complex Systems

  • Completed :Sep 2013
  • Tags:Big Data
  • Contextualisation
  • Complex Systems
  • Scientific
  • Charts
  • Client: Hotswell Ltd

Project Info:

A good dashboard should show you immediately what you need to know and be intuitive.

Hotswell is a world away from what is traditionally considered as data analysis and dashboards. It's aimed at surfers, who aren't a group you typically associate with data, but they are a group who require access to accurate and regular data.

Every day thousands of surfers use our data to check whether it's worth chucking the board into their van and heading to their favourite surf break. We tell them what surf they can expect and where's worth going to, by processing and visualising huge volumes of weather, ocean and related data sets every day. Feedback from our users tells us we're the most accurate surf forecasting site around and we're continually evolving the site in response to feedback and requests.

We create dashboards that simplify the presentation of data. A good dashboard should show you immediately what you need to know and be intuitive. It should provide clear results that are displayed for a reason and that can be used to provide insight. The dashboards we create are designed to display 'real-time' results of very complex data analysis in a clear form. Our experience allows us to work with you to create a dashboard that is suited to your particular need, while providing the scope to 'dig into' the data if you require more information.


Specialist Projects

  • Completed :May 2012
  • Tags:Sonification
  • Data Conversion
  • Scientific
  • Audio Specialist
  • Client:BBC

Project Info:

We were asked by BBC2's ambitious 'Volcano Live' projected (aired May 2012) to create a 'sonification' of volcanic data. Paul Cole, Director of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory provided an Excel spreadsheet containg over a decade of scientific data that included; seismic activity, sulphur dioxide emissions and GPS distance. Listening to the sonic representation of the data can by a good way of distinguishing subtle patterns over a very long time.

Click here to listen to the audio at the BBC website